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Since 1981 we have provided Dealer Management System technology for some of the most successful BHPH dealers in America!


  • 100% Web Based
  • Unlimited Users
  • No Per User Fees
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • Intergrated Service Center
  • Intergrated Accounting
  • 50+ Third Party Intergrations

DMS Pricing

One time license fees:

 1-3 Dealerships $15,000
 4-7 Dealerships $20,000
8-12 Dealerships $25,000

Monthly Support Fees: $2,495 for the first dealership and $995 for each additional dealership

Plus third party transaction charges

Sample Video Clips


  • Buy a Car

    This option allows you to add a vehicle to your inventory. It has a VIN decoder that will validate the VIN and automatically populate year, make, model, body type as well as 40 other vehicle fields. It also adds all factory installed vehicle options.

  • Inventory Management Sections

    There are 19 Vehicle Management Sections where you can manage every aspect of a vehicle. In this video we show you a quick look at each of these.

  • Post Vehicle Expense

    This option allows you to add an expense to a vehicle. You also can attach a document to the expense. Normally this document would be the invoice or receipt for the expense.

  • Vehicle Check-In

    Vehicle Check-In allows you to view and print your customizable Vehicle Check-In sheet. You can also record who completed the vehicle check-in and when.

  • Vehicle Options

    Vehicle Options shows the factory installed vehicle options that were decoded from the VIN. These options also print on the Vehicle Check-In sheet.

  • GPS Device

    Solutions DMS has GPS/Starter Interrupt integration with PassTime, Spireon, Ituran and CalAmp. For these devices you can locate the vehicle in real-time, view location history and setup and manage the starter interrupt.

  • Vehicle Photos

    You have unlimited number of vehicle photos. These photos are available for sites like CarsForSale, Dealer Spike, ProMax, V12 as well as many others.

  • Buyer's Guide

    You can setup and print the Buyer's Guides that you commonly use. The system records who printed the Buyer's guide and when. You can generate English and/or Spanish Buyer's Guides.

  • Scanned Documents

    Scanned Docs allows you to upload document to this vehicle. The most common documents are copies of titles, auction slips and warranty documents.


  • Enter a New Lead

    This option allows you to add a new lead.

  • Lead CRM

    This is an overview of the CRM used to manage a lead.

  • Credit Application

    This is an overview of the Credit Application. Solutions uses Google Address. Within just a few keystrokes you can locate actual addresses that will automatically fill-in address, city, state, zip & county.

  • Credit & Soft Pull Reports

    Credit & soft pull reports can be pulled using our 700Credit integration. The reports are attached the lead. You can view, download and print the report as many times as you need.

  • Income Assessment

    Income Assessment allows you automatically calculate the maximum allowed payment based on your debt-to-income settings.

  • Driver's License

    Driver's License allows you manage the buyer and co-buyer's drivers license information as well as attaching a scanned copy.

  • Test Drive Tracking

    Test Drive Tracking allows you to record test drives and print a Test Drive Agreement form.

  • Upload Sales Documents

    Upload Sales Documents allows you upload documents to the deal. (pay stubs, employment verification, residence verification and insurance binders).

  • Vehicle Insurance

    Vehicle Insurance allows you to record thrid party insurance or setup Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI).

  • Pre-Sale Documents

    Pre-Sale Documents allows you to print your pre-sale documents or send them to DocuSign or SecureClose for processing.

  • Trade-Ins

    Trade-Ins allow you to enter unlimited number of trade-ins and capture pay-off information on each.

  • Finance Sale Quote

    Terms/Quote allows you structure the financing for a specific vehicle. Including unlimited number of special payments.

  • Lease Quote

    Lease Terms/Quote allows you structure the lease terms for a specific vehicle. You can use a percentage or a fixed amount for your residual value. Leases are calculated using a money factor, we do display the APR equivalent. We allow for up to 4 deferred down payments.

  • Application Verification

    Application Verification allows you to track and record verification of all information on the application.

  • Post a Finance Sale

    Posting a finance sale will change the vehicle status from unsold to sold, Solutions will create a new account and accounts receivable for this sale. All trade-ins will be automatically purchased into inventory.

  • Printing Sales Documents

    Sales documents can be printed, downloaded, sent to DocuSign or SecureClose for signatures.

  • Collect the Down Payment

    Collecting the down payment is the process of recording how the down payment was paid, who receipted the money and providing the customer with a receipt printed and/or emailed.

Account Center

  • Car Payment - Text to Pay

    AFS Dealers offers Free Unlimited Text to Pay transactions - powered by OpenEdge. In this clip we will send the customer a Text to Pay text message. The customer will enter a credit card, the payment is processed, and the customer's account is updated in real-time.

  • Car Payment - Cash

    In this clip we will take a cash car payment, generate a payment receipt that can be printed and also email the customer the receipt.

  • Car Payment - Using

  • Re-Write Account

    Re-Write Account allows you to refinance an account and print a new contract.

  • Ledger Card

    Ledger Cards contain Buyer's information, Account Status, Payment History, Contact History, Sales Contract Info, Vehicle Insurance Info, References and Vehicle Expense History. You can set your default sections that you use. Ledger Cards can be viewed on the screen, printed and or downloaded.

  • Text Messages

    Text messages can be sent and received in Solutions DMS in real-time.


  • Collection Tools Overview

    Solutions DMS has the following collection tools: Phone calls, emails, text messages, robo calls and letters. In this clip we show you to use these tools to engage your customers and collect your money. Note: Solutions DMS automatically logs who and when a tool is used.

  • Field Calls

    Field Calls are when your staff goes to the customer's residence or employer. You can print a Field Call Packet that has all the information that is needed. You can also automatically text your staff member if the customer makes their payment.

  • Order to Repo

    Order to Repo is used to manage the repossession using your staff or third-party recovery company. You can print an Order to Repo Packet, Order to Repo internal or third party. You can also automatically text your staff member and/or recovery company if the customer makes their payment or when the vehicle is recovered.